Gudars Skymning - Grodans Sang

Gudars Skymning

Grodans Sang

Release date: October 05, 2018
Format: LP Album
Recorded just a few months after the monumental album "V", Gudars Skymning are releasing the brand new instrumental album "Grodans Sång". Just as the latest albums, this record was done at Malmer Productions in Umeå, Sweden. This time, 3 days of tinkering with tractor snow chains, Old Ox empties, Marshall cranked shaku flutes, bacon steaming fuzz drenched guitars, blaring drums, and seasoned neighbours did the trick!

  • 1. Grodans SÅNG
  • 2. Skrotum
  • 3. Den Mystiska Stjärnan
  • 4. Brudmarsch
  • 5. Skymningsvals
  • 6. Krutrök
  • 7. BLÅ Drottning
  • 8. Skeppet Nautilus
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05 October 2018 / More records

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