Griffin Protectors Of The Lair

Release date:
July 16, 2021
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Now also available on vinyl! After the successful 3 CD box set and the LP "Flight Of The Griffin", Golden Core now releases the second album of the cult US metal band GRIFFIN on vinyl. While the debut album offers rather pure, traditional Heavy Metal, the follow-up work by the band around the exceptional singer William McKay sounds more like Speed and Thrash Metal combined with Griffin’s distinctive musical trademarks. "Protectors Of The Lair" was released in 1986 at Steamhammer/SPV, and therefore this second album was more widespread in Europe for a few years than "Flight Of The Griffin". Musically the band was at the speed of life, but the style can also be described as kind of oddball. However, the biggest drawback was always the weak sound, which was almost only in the mids and trebles. This problem was now solved in a double sense! Fortunately, the original 24-track tapes still existed and could be recorded over after some repairs. As a result, not only a remaster could be done, but also a remix made by Neudi 2020 and filling LP 1. The second disc contains the original mix from 1986, but remastered by Patrick Engel (Metal Blade, High Roller, etc.). The gatefold double LP contains liner notes and photos as well as an insert with lyrics. The original cover was restored by Kai Brocks. As with "Flight Of The Griffin" it is to be expected that the first edition will be sold out quickly and a repressing may take some time.

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