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Gregory Uhlman - Neighborhood Watch

Gregory Uhlman

Neighborhood Watch

Release date: July 31, 2020
Red / pink galaxy vinyl
Rich in melodic and textural allure, Neighborhood Watch comes from a place of contentment. Consider it a meditation on domestic bliss experienced in early adulthood. The songs on Neighborhood Watch match consummate musicianship and thoughtful songcraft with an innate gift for melody, and that lyricism is channeled through Uhlmann's unique singing voice'soft and balmy yet also direct and affecting.
  • 1. Coupon
  • 2. Spice Girls
  • 3. Santa Fe
  • 4. Bed
  • 5. DNA
  • 6. Benny
  • 7. Neighborhood Watch
  • 8. Cool Breeze
  • 9. Hourglass
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31 July 2020 / More records