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Gregory Pepper And His Problems - I Know Now Why You Cry

Gregory Pepper And His Problems

I Know Now Why You Cry

Release date: February 14, 2020
Label: Fake Four Inc
Southern Ontario's elder statesman of self-deprecating basement pop returns with his 6th full length album, I Know Now Why You Cry. Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gregory Pepper has never been one to stay in one place for too long, having explored twee indie-folk, fuzzy nerd-rock, and buoyant electro-pop in recent outings. Here, the tone is more organic and self-assured than ever, buttressed by an abundance of baroque arrangements and ornate production. The subject matter is even more forthright: In 2017, the ultra-prolific Pepper set out to write, record, and release a new song for an entire year through a Patreon subscription campaign. He made good on his promise and delivered 52 songs while suffering the loss of his father and welcoming the birth of his daughter within the same calendar year. In 2019, Pepper re-recorded a meticulously curated revision of the most compelling bits from the 'Song Of The Week' experiment. This 35-minute LP begins by diving headlong into fear and vulnerability only to find triumphant redemption on the flip side. All the while, Pepper's knack for ear worm melodies and acerbic humour are manifested in full force. It's quite literally a matter of Life and Death.
  • 1. Good Call
  • 2. I've Got a Bottle
  • 3. Sublime Sun Tattoo
  • 4. Worrier Spirit
  • 5. Maybe I'll See You
  • 6. I'm Dying
  • 7. Unsolved Mystery
  • 8. Bogus Journey
  • 9. Art Collector - Bored Of The View
  • 10. Who Doesn't Know
  • 11. Before The Rust It Was Heaven
  • 12. Diaper Hill
  • 13. Bigger Than Jesus
  • 14. Father's Day - Coda
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14 February 2020 / More records