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Grant-Lee Phillips - All That You Can Dream

Grant-Lee Phillips

All That You Can Dream

Release date: May 20, 2022
Grant-Lee Phillips' new album, All That You Can Dream, is a turbulent and highly musical rumination that finds the veteran singer-songwriter addressing the strange fragility of life. The collection of songs bears the markings of his prolific output, a melodic prowess and an ear for lyric in everyday conversation. Comparable to the works Low or Duster, Phillips offers a salve to a wounded world, struggling to regain equilibrium. This is Grant-Lee Phillips at his most reflective, wrestling with the most pertinent of questions. Focusing on life in quarantine ("A Sudden Place," "Cruel Trick") and the ever-shifting political landscape ("Rats in a Barrel," "Cut to the Ending"), this collection shows that Phillips remains one of the finest singer-songwriters of our time. A limited edition art postcard featuring original artwork from Grant-Lee is included with this LP pressing.
1. A Sudden Place 2. Cruel Trick 3. Peace Is a Delicate Thing 4. All That You Can Dream 5. Rats in a Barrel 6. Cannot Trust the Ground 7. Cut to the Ending 8. You Can't Hide 9. My Eyes Have Seen 10. Remember This 11. All by Heart
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