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Grafvitnir - Tunes Of Sitra Ahra


Tunes Of Sitra Ahra

Release date: May 26, 2023
Legendary Grafvitnir, a ferocious Black Metal band from the dark forests of Sweden, is by far one of Sweden's most respected black metal constellations howling with eyes of flames alight and dagger blades sharpened.
  • 1. Demon Wolf
  • 2. Urkaos Avgrundsdjupa Källa
  • 3. Birth of Uncreation
  • 4. Eitr of the Serpent
  • 5. Nattens NYCkel
  • 6. Funeral Chants
  • 7. Whisperer of Strange Tales
  • 8. Nattsidans Pilgrimsfärd
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