Godcollider - Self-Titled



Release date: January 18, 2019
Format: Colored Vinyl
Fred Ziomek (DARKEST HOUR/LOWER CLASS BRATS) and Todd Cooper (HOLY FEVER), who have known each other since college, were active participants in the Virginia hardcore scene but it wasn't until both had relocated to Los Angeles that they reconnected and took the first steps in starting a band together. Todd had originally left Virginia to became an evangelical youth pastor but he came to start questioning his religion and eventually proceeded to distance himself from the church as his views began to spin a 180. A great deal of the lyrics on GODCOLLIDER's debut point to the hypocrisy that he saw and the music became the canvas for his vitriol. Bringing in other co- conspirators, Neeraj Kane (HOPE CONSPIRACY/SUICDE FILE) and Sam Stothers (NARROWS, ROC) presented a perfect opportunity for old friends and new alike to collaborate on something fun but also reflective of the times we are living in. A driving, heavy debut that is just the beginning.

  • 1. Phantom Wins
  • 2. Heel Burier
  • 3. Hand to Blade
  • 4. Bringing Hell
  • 5. Sworn Captive
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18 January 2019 / More records

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