Goa Express The Goa Express

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October 20, 2023
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The Goa Express, led by Clarke alongside his brother Joe and best friends Joey, Naham and Sam, met as young teenagers in Burnley. Growing up in the rural shadow of England's industrial north, music was a means of escape and a vessel for friendship. Their shared adolescent experiences (late gigs at The Golden Lion in Todmorden, camping underneath the cliffs at Hebden Bridge) shaped their collective attitudes and behaviours and, ultimately, the sound and spirit of their band. There is a sense of melody and a looseness in the music that brings to mind Supergrass or The La's. But it is all delivered with a forward-facing urgency that places the band firmly in the year 2023. Any new young guitar band is naturally cast into a sea of references and comparisons before barely getting a chord out. But in truth, The Goa Express are confidently breaking free of these and taking their own strides towards adding a fresh chapter to the story of modern British guitar pop.

  • 1. Honey
  • 2. It's Never Been Better
  • 3. Good Luck Charm
  • 4. You're the Girl
  • 5. Small Talk
  • 6. Can't Stay Quiet
  • 7. Better Than Ok
  • 8. Talking About Stuff
  • 9. Portrait
  • 10. Prove It

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