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Girl In Gold Boots  /  Original Motion Picture -Girl In Gold Boots Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Girl In Gold Boots / Original Motion Picture

Girl In Gold Boots Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2xLP)

Release date: July 31, 2020
Gold vinyl + dvd
Format: Colored Vinyl
Syle: Soundtracks
A Mad Menagerie of Grindhouse Go-Go Grooves! Girl In Gold Boots is Ted V. Mikels' (The Corpse Grinders) homage to the time tested 'small town girl moves to the big city to become a go-go dancer' story. And if a movie is ostensibly about go-go dancing, then we're gonna need some music to go-go to. And that's what this album you're now holding is all about. From the odd psych rocker 'Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry,' to a frenetic barrage of country soul. It's got some solid harmonica groovers, an odd xmas song and of course the banger of a title track! Pressed on colored vinyl, and includes a DVD of the entire film with lots of extras!
  • 1.Theatrical Trailer
  • 2.Girl In Gold Boots - Larry Cartell
  • 3.A Little Companionship (dialog)
  • 4.(Everything I Touch Turned To) Gold - Joe Valino
  • 5.Wanna Be A Professional (dialog)
  • 6.Wheels Of Love - Larry Cartell
  • 7.Snacktime (dialog)
  • 8.My Careless Heart - Larry Cartell
  • 9.Take His Brains Out (dialog)
  • 10.Knockin' Boots - Nicholas Carras
  • 11.Sin - Larry Cartell
  • 12.I'm Here To Be A Dancer (dialog)
  • 13.Julie - Danny Welton
  • 14.Bad Mannered Kids With Guns (dialog)
  • 15.Cowboy Santa - Larry Cartell
  • 16.Jimmy's Girl - Larry Cartell
  • 17.Girl In Gold Boots Theme - Nicholas Carras
  • 18.That's The Fool In Me - Jerry Wallace
  • 19.Show Off Whatcha Got, Baby (dialog)
  • 20.I Just Want To Rest - Chris Howard
  • 21.Let's Hear It With Music (dialog)
  • 22.Strobelights - Danny Welton
  • 23.Who's That? (dialog)
  • 24.Do You Want To Laugh Or Cry? - Chris Howard
  • 25.You'll Find Your Hole (dialog)
  • 26.Lonesome Man - Jody Daniels
  • 27.Tonight I Shall Get Good And Drunk (dialog)
  • 28.You Gotta Come Down - Jody Daniels
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