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Gino Pavan -Absolute

Gino Pavan


Release date: January 17, 2020
Label: Disco Segreta
Format: LP Album
Vinyl LP pressing. Absolute is a full-on contemporary electronic concept album, entirely written, composed and played by Gino. Eight tracks, where Gino explores the multiple dimensions of the concept of the absolute, experimenting on guitars, synthesizers, electric sitar and percussions, on a 30 minutes journey into darker territories. With every sound originally crafted by Gino in his studio, and a compilation of videos created as a visual companion for each track, Absolute sheds a light upon the music he always wanted to release, revealing his erudite background as a musician/composer.
  • 1.Absolute
  • 2.Agua
  • 3.Evolution Theory
  • 4.Il Grande Silenzio
  • 5.One Time
  • 6.Rough Space
  • 7.To the Sky
  • 8.Voices
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17 January 2020 / More records