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Gilla Band - Most Normal

Gilla Band

Most Normal

Release date: October 07, 2022
Label: Rough Trade
For their first album as Gilla Band, (formerly Girl Band) the foursome has redrawn their own paradigm. Most Normal is like little you’ve heard before, a kaleidoscopic spectrum of noise put in service of broken pop songs, FX-strafed Avant-punk rollercoaster rides and passages of futurist dancefloor nihilism.

Side Track Artist Title

1 1 Gilla Band The Gum
1 2 Gilla Band Eight Fivers
1 3 Gilla Band Backwash
1 4 Gilla Band Gushie
1 5 Gilla Band Bin Liner Fashion
1 6 Gilla Band Capgras
1 7 Gilla Band The Weirds
2 1 Gilla Band I Was Away
2 2 Gilla Band Almost Soon
2 3 Gilla Band Red Polo Neck
2 4 Gilla Band Pratfall
2 5 Gilla Band Post Ryan</p>
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