Gil Tamazyan Morning Cleanser

Release date:
July 19, 2024
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Gil Tamazyan unveils "Morning Cleanser," a musical gem that masterfully blends house and jazz, showcasing his signature authenticity and groove. The EP begins with "Bumper Car Theater," where Gil's craftsmanship paints a spacious sonic landscape. A steady bassline anchors the track, while ethereal chords drift, inviting introspection and calm. As dawn breaks, the title track "Morning Cleanser" emerges with vibrant chords and infectious beats. The groovy bassline sets the rhythm, and spirited vocals infuse the track with energy, awakening the senses and stirring the soul. Continuing the journey, "My Body" offers a sultry exploration of sound and sensation. Smooth keys intertwine with dreamy vocals, creating a warm and intimate ambiance. The rhythmic groove carries listeners away, transporting them to a realm of pure musical delight. Closing the EP, "News Cast" weaves a tapestry of rhythm and melody. Powerful kicks and a punchy bassline drive the track, while a sultry saxophone ties back to the opening track, adding a sense of allure. With "Morning Cleanser," Gil Tamazyan delivers a mature and grounded musical experience, inviting listeners to tune in and vibe out.

  • 1. Bumper Car Theater
  • 2. Morning Cleanser
  • 3. My Body
  • 4. The News Cast

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