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Giallo Point - Blue Keys

Giallo Point

Blue Keys

Release date: January 27, 2023
Label: Grilchy Party
UK based, Giallo Point is a producer who has made a name on the underground scene over the last few years with an intricate style of Jazz & Latin through to library vibes & sounds. Making beats since the late 90's he has now found a niche in the market with a strong presence for a sound many know as the "giallo point sound and vision". He has helmed and been known for providing that sound to numerous HipHop luminaries. His prolific output has covered a wide gamut. This time around he brings us a vintage jazz and library edge to solidify the full impact of what this latest release "Blue Keys" will bring to the table. While we take a trip down the jazz sound he keeps the sinister edge from start to finish. Prepare for a journey of instrumentals that will be the start of a series of musical moments for the instrumental heads.
  • 1. Nature Boy
  • 2. Warp
  • 3. Alpha
  • 4. Art
  • 5. Fathom
  • 6. Long Road
  • 7. Rogue
  • 8. It's a Shame
  • 9. On the Low
  • 10. Lava
  • 11. Lowkey
  • 12. Gone
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