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Generationals - Actor-Caster



Release date: December 06, 2019
The second album from Generationals, following their breakout debut Con Law. “Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer court their catchy tunes in uncomplicated ways, creating minor, genre-spanning songs that oddly locate the same sort of similar kind of grinning, crowd-pleasing affability. The dusty guitar boogie of "Ten-Twenty-Ten," which could pass for an early Phoenix track, is a great guidepost, showcasing the band's proclivity for lively rhythmics and frill-less, friendly hooks.” “From the Graceland-indebted bop of "I Promise" to the jerky, life-affirming thump of highlight "You Say It Too," Genrationals trade in a number of types of hooks. Even when they step outside their contort zone a little, like on the twinkling, MGMT-esque love song "Yours Forever," they do so with poise and clarity.” - Pitchfork
  • 1. TenTwentyTen
  • 2. I Promise
  • 3. Yours Forever
  • 4. You Say It Too
  • 5. Goose & Gander
  • 6. Dirty Mister Dirty
  • 7. Black and White
  • 8. Tell Me Now
  • 9. Greenleaf
  • 10. Please Be It
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06 December 2019 / More records