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Gary Higgins -Red Hash

Gary Higgins

Red Hash

Release date: July 23, 2021
A letter perfect reproduction of the early 70s acid-folk classic as it was reissued back in 2008, complete with lyric insert and 7" record containing two bonus tracks originally premiered on the 2005 CD edition. Tip-on Stoughton jacket recalls the genuine flavor of Higgins' original private-press release. We've been out of Red Hash since 2016, that's way too long to wait for another hit! 1. Thicker Than a Smokey 2. It Didn't Take Too Long 3. Windy Child 4. Telegraph Towers 5. I Can't Sleep at Night 6. Cuckoo 7. I Pick Notes From the Sky 8. Stable the Spuds 9. Down on the Farm 10. Unable to Fly 11. Looking For June
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23 July 2021 / More records