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Gary Davenport -Scattered Thoughts

Gary Davenport

Scattered Thoughts

Release date: November 08, 2019
Label: Numero
A treasure trove of early underground from San Antonio's first "punk" label Closet Records. Centered around the manic energy of founder Gary Davenport, this tidy 13-song collection compiles for the first time the best of his mid-fi work in Mannequin, quirky duos with Mark Champion and Charles Athanas, and alone at the raging edge of suburban Texas. A heady mix of jangly prog, dream-punk, community college rock, and anxious alternative, achieved just as video was killing the radio star. Packaged in a heavy-weight tip-on sleeve, with an accompanying book chronicling the entire sordid affair and visual discography.
  • 1.Trust In Authority
  • 2.True Freedom
  • 3.Labyrinth
  • 4.Symbols
  • 5.Journey To Oaxaca
  • 6.Sarra
  • 7.Akhaldan
  • 8.A Desperate Situation
  • 9.Transience
  • 10.Romanticizing Again
  • 11.Scattered Thoughts
  • 12.In America There's Everything
  • 13.From The Island
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08 November 2019 / More records