Gangstagrass Blackest Thing On The Menu

Release date:
June 14, 2024
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Gangstagrass - trailblazers in a distinct musical genre of their own design - announce that their new 10-track album, The Blackest Thing on the Menu, will be released on Friday, June 14. The Blackest Thing on the Menu marks the band's seventh full-length album, and embodies the zest and flavor that Gangstagrass infuses into the realms of bluegrass and hip-hop as they delve into the foundational elements of each genre. - The conception of the album's title came about last year while the band was eating dinner at a "blues-themed restaurant in my hometown," MC and vocalist Dolio the Sleuth explains. "There was a Juneteenth-themed menu that had a bunch of 'blackened' spicy items. One of us asked the server for 'the blackest thing on the menu,' and it turned out to be blackened shrimp and cheese grits... which, of course, we all ordered.

  • 1. The Only Way Out Is Through (Feat. Jerry Douglas)
  • 2. Good at Being Bad
  • 3. Up High Do or Die
  • 4. Gone Gone
  • 5. Mother (Feat. Reef the Lost Cauze)
  • 6. Obligatory Braggadocio
  • 7. Avenue Boy
  • 8. Palette
  • 9. It's Alive (Feat. Saul Paul)
  • 10. Sankofa

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