Game Over For Humanity X Anniversary

Release date:
December 23, 2022
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It was 2012 and thrash metal was doing well. However, four angry young Italian kids decided that it could have done much better. Game Over came out of the blue with their first record and immediately made a substantial contribution to the European thrash rebirth. 'For Humanity' is an energy release that is as unrelenting and dominate as a hungry shark in seal infested waters. From the opening track 'Abyss of a Needle' to the last one 'Tupa Tupa or Die', Game Over never lets up. The album is laced with killer high-speed riffs, blazing solos, great lyrics, and drums that pound the earth harder than a hungry horde of fat people rushing towards an all you can eat buffet. Add up all these things and remember to throw the old-school spirit into the mix: what you end up with is a killer release that is reminiscent of something that came out of the Bay Area in the '80s. Now, after 10 years, these 10 songs are still claiming victims. Happy birthday, first blood - pain never gets old.

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