Gamblers Pulverizer

Release date:
March 29, 2024
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For Gamblers leader Michael McManus, a few too many brushes with mortality have him feeling like there's a great force threatening to pound him literally into dust. Pulverizer however isn't a dark album. Gamblers serve a rousing fusion of organic and electronic sounds. It's the ultimate afterparty album that hasn't entirely left the celebration behind. This contemplative record takes on weighty subjects-but spiked with irresistible hooks and a zest for life that bursts through the grooves.

  • 1. Sleep in
  • 2. Headed for a Cliff
  • 3. Pulverizer
  • 4. Running from My Grave
  • 5. Straightened Out
  • 6. King of the Idiots
  • 7. Agita
  • 8. Lollygag
  • 9. Too Proud to Be Happy
  • 10. Ode to Christiania
  • 11. Morning of the Supermoon
  • 12. Irish Sports Pages

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