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Galcher Lustwerk -Proof

Galcher Lustwerk


Release date: July 03, 2020
Label: Ghostly Int'l
Less than a year out from his Ghostly International debut, Information, Cleveland-raised, New York-based produc- er and DJ Galcher Lustwerk backs it up with Proof. The EP features a handful of new tracks recorded in a similar midwest mindset, alongside an uptempo take on "Anoth- er Story," and AceMoMa's spin on "Speed." Proof contin- ues on the concepts from Information - strobe-lit club fatigue, the city at night, transient (dis)engagements and half-truths - presented in tighter and more objective parameters. The rigid facts that follow-up the looser rel- ative data. "Without acoustic drum sounds this time, it's more mechanical, digital, functional," says Lustwerk. The title cut is a utilitarian dance track that foregoes verses and hooks; an optimized bit of dancefloor logis- tics. "I Had To Slow It Down" acts almost as a sequel to Information's "Been A Long Night," the protagonist is now skipping town. AceMoMa, the rising production duo of AceMo and MoMA Ready, lend their frenetic touchto "Speed," enhancing the original's chase scene with menacing refractory jungle flair. "I think they are definite- ly carrying the torch in terms of POC in NY dance music, so I wanted to put them on and give their NY style an avenue on here," Lustwerk adds.
  • 1.Proof
  • 2.I Had to Slow It Down
  • 3.Graham
  • 4.Another Story (Another Version
  • 5.Speed (Acemoma Remix)
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03 July 2020 / More records