Galaktlan - En Garde


En Garde

Release date: December 07, 2018
Label: Seksound
Format: LP Album
Limited vinyl LP pressing. Galaktlan's en Garde is a masterpiece of Estonian electronic music. Taavi Laatsit has been active in the Estonian electronic music scene for 20 years already. During that time, he has released 8 full length albums as a member of different groups (Uni, Kismabande, Kulgurid) and also as a solo artist (Galaktlan, Vonsuck). Additionally, he has composed music for exhibitions and art projects. Since 2004, he has also been composing music for films. en garde is a concept album about duelling. All tracks by Taavi Laatsit. Recorded in Schaerbeek during the nights of 2017 and 2018. Mastered by Lauri Liivak @ Lauri Liivak Mastering.

  • 1. Elealo
  • 2. Selle Peale Oleks Ma Ise Ka Tulnud
  • 3. En Garde
  • 4. Denebi Lilled
  • 5. Kvantsurematu
  • 6. Ataraksia Koidikul
  • 7. Delope
  • 8. Schaerbeek
  • 9. Botta Segreta
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07 December 2018 / More records

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