Gadsby & Skol Gadsby & Skol

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November 10, 2023
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Toronto 1970, three young guys, heavily influenced by Blue Cheer & Hendrix, get together to form a band. Featuring Charles Gadsby on guitar & vocals, Rick Skol on drums & vocals, and Drew Tjernstrom on bass, the nascent outfit call themselves 'Gadsby & Skol'. After much rehearsing they start to play local shows, but soon decide they need to do some more work on their sound. In the end, the project stalls and they go their separate ways. Then in 1995 Charles Gadsby finds an old rehearsal tape, and contacts the other two guys to suggest that they get back together to record the album they would have made back in 1970 if they'd ever got a recording deal. Using the rehearsal tape as a template, they re-create their original sound and a little while later the recordings you have here are completed, and an album's worth of material is ready and waiting. The album eventually makes its' one and only brief appearance on a limited edition British CD in 2001. So now here it is on vinyl for the very first time, with a new, improved sleeve, just how it was meant to be. So if you like Thunder & Roses, Blue Cheer, Third Power, Sir Lord Baltimore and other such hard rocking psych guitar bands, you're going to love this! That's as close to a promise as we can make. 1. Guitar Dog 2. Jam & Guts 3. Stop! 4. Fools Like You 5. I Don't Know 6. Getting Used To It 7. You Could Have 8. Just A Little Bit 9. Who Calls You 10. The Feel 11. Number Six

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