Gabi - Empty Me


Empty Me

Release date: October 12, 2018
Format: LP Album
GABI (née Gabrielle Herbst) is a composer and vocalist residing in Brooklyn. Herbst’s experience writing for chamber orchestra and mixed instrumentation inspired her to develop a repertoire of short-form, vocalcentric compositions under the moniker GABI. These were driven by solitary explorations in early 2013 with a dual-track loop pedal. The nine songs composed for her debut album, Sympathy (produced by Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) and released on Software Recording Co), embrace the vast potential of the human voice as an intstrument, story, and landscape. In 2015 she toured Sympathy in Europe and North America - highlighted performances were David Byrne’s Meltdown, Pop Kultur, the Andy Warhol Museum, The Great Escape, Marfa Myths, SXSW, and a series at Roulette curated by Meredith Monk. She is a current Artist-in-Residence at Roulette which, with the Jerome Foundation, commissioned her to compose her second opera, Ashes. She will be studying composition at the Yale School of Music in the Master of Music degree program starting in fall 2018. GABI’s anticipated sophomore full-length will be released on Double Double Whammy.

  • 1. Ahhh
  • 2. Sleep
  • 3. Until The End
  • 4. Wild Sunflowers
  • 5. Whole With You
  • 6. Let's Not Exist
  • 7. Boom Boom Kiki
  • 8. Breath
  • 9. Naked
  • 10. ::::
  • 11. Stranded In Heathrow
  • 12. Falling For A Stranger
  • 13. Holy
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