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Gabe Cuzzillo -Ape Out

Gabe Cuzzillo

Ape Out

Release date: November 06, 2020
Original soundtrack
Label: Iam8Bit
Syle: Soundtracks
Iam8bit is always keen on innovation, and the Ape Out vinyl soundtrack is truly a first-of-it's-kind revelation. This is an experimental ?LIVE? album, but instead of microphones on stage, we put a controller in the hands of developer Gabe Cuzzillo to drive the performance. The results are frenetic, beautiful, rhythmic and unlike anything you?ve ever heard. That?s thanks to brilliant procedural music and sound design by Matt Boch, who empowers players to be their own band. The listening experience is akin to witnessing a King Kong drum circle of jazz greats madly riffing ? sharp, energetic percussive beats, bumps and thumps flowing and jiving in inexplicably awesome ways. This is one of the coolest ? and most insane ? pieces of wax you?ll treat your turntable to.
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06 November 2020 / More records