Fury Failed Entertainment

Release date:
May 3, 2019
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Vinyl LP pressing. Failed Entertainment is the second full-length effort from Orange County's Fury and first for Boston-based Run For Cover Records. Following early shows and the bedroom recordings that would become their demo tape, the band signed to tastemaker hardcore label Triple B Records. Since 2013 they've released multiple tapes, an EP, and their genre-pushing, critically acclaimed 2016 album Paramount. Failed Entertainment takes the band's talent for soundtracking the human condition to a new, elevated plane - examining vast, philosophical inquiries throughout it's eleven tracks. Rather than the short, intense bursts of energy that Paramount delivered, songs here are given more space to contort in strange new shapes. Yet even as the band's songs are more expansive than they've ever been, these questions are answered in hyperspecific, conversational narratives that often feel like stream-of-consciousness thoughts - statements are repeated, reworded, contradicted, dismissed, and reaffirmed all within moments.

  • 1. Angels Over Berlin
  • 2. Goodtime
  • 3. Vacation
  • 4. America
  • 5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out
  • 6. Birds Of Paradise
  • 7. Mono No Aware
  • 8. Lost In The Funhouse
  • 9. New Years Days
  • 10. New Years Eve (Melbourne)
  • 11. Crazy Horses Run Free

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