Fuel - Sunburn Red/orange


Sunburn Red/orange

It's been two decades since FUEL first dropped their debut full length Sunburn. The album saw huge commercial success for the band, led by the single Shimmer. Sunburn was certified Platinum but being released in 1998 meant it never received vinyl treatment. In celebration of its 20th anniversary Wargod is proud to present the first ever vinyl version of Sunburn officially licensed from Sony/Epic, including liner notes from founding member and primary writer of Sunburn, Carl Bell.

  • 1. Untitled
  • 2. Bittersweet
  • 3. Shimmer
  • 4. Jesus or a Gun
  • 5. Sunburn
  • 6. New Thing
  • 7. It's Come to This
  • 8. Song for You
  • 9. Mary Pretends
  • 10. Ozone
  • 11. Hideaway
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10 August 2018 / More records

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