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November 10, 2023
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IN LOVING MEMORY OF MALIK B (NOVEMBER 14th, 1972 - JULY 29th, 2020) Frozen Mugs started out back in 2020 as a soon-to-be classic hip-hop collaboration between "Maylay Sparks", Swedish producer "K Sluggah" and "Clever 1" (one half of "Da Buze Bruvaz"). You will experience an uncanny chemistry between these 2 high caliber emcees who are providing you with the traditional sharp, tenacious, aggressive & grimey wordplay over K Sluggah's cinematic, soulful, and psychedelic beats giving the listeners a vivid picture of what goes on in these dangerous times. The hard delivery and complex word patterns are descriptive gestures of loose women, action in the streets, cocktails & cold beer guzzling. Sonically this album is honed to be a masterpiece, with owner of the newly formed label "Blacbird Recs", and revered studio engineer Joe "The Butcher" Nicolo (Ruffhouse Recs. CEO) behind the mixing board. This is hip-hop with an attitude, authentic, and with no compromises! In the midst of recording this project, we experienced a severe tragedy as we lost the incomparable Malik B formerly from the Roots. The last days before his passing he recorded the verses for the album and he was supposed to record a few more as there were talks of him becoming a full fledged "Frozen Mugs" member. Sadly the talks of doing an album with Malik B on HHE never came to fruition. This project is dedicated to one of the most legendary emcees Philly ever bred and he will always be remembered as a lyrical giant. R.I.P. All versions come with hype stickers and an insert that will include a bio on Frozen Mugs and a dedication to Malik B on the reverse side.

  • 1. 1St. Draught
  • 2. Strong Arm Blizzard (Feat. D.J. PH)
  • 3. Public Housing (Feat. DJ Too Tuff)
  • 4. Black Renault (Feat. Malik B of the Roots)
  • 5. Bionic Bourbon (Feat. Chukk Rukkuz)
  • 6. Great City Interlude
  • 7. Opera (Feat. D.J. PH & Malik B)
  • 8. Dumpin! (Feat. Planet Asia)
  • 9. Garment Gargantuans (Feat. Rocc Spotz)
  • 10. Street Edicate (Feat. Briefcase Bugg)
  • 11. Perfect Pour
  • 12. Opera (Remix) (Feat. Malik B of the Roots)
  • 13. Spoiled Wine

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