Freelance Nun Alkemie A Fine Companion

Release date:
January 5, 2024
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A FINE COMPANION is an album of newly-composed settings of troubadour songs and texts, written in a dream-pop /shoegaze/ psychedelic rock style for an amplified combination of medieval and new instruments. The texts of this project were chosen by Charles Mueller (composer) and the ensemble, with a focus on troubadour lyrics that expand or refute the standard tropes of chivalrous love by choosing poems from a feminine perspective, and by delving into the metaphysical and spiritual subsets of the genre. The unbridled sensuality of the arrangements create space for a raw experience that inspires a visceral reaction in the listener. Mueller has used pre-existing troubadour music as a melodic and modal prompt on a number of pieces, with direct quotations organically morphing as if in an inspired game of telephone.

  • 1. The Switch with Which One Switches Oneself
  • 2. Love Is Like the Spark (Escoutatz!)
  • 3. Seguin + Valensa
  • 4. I Know a Lady
  • 5. Judas
  • 6. Nor
  • 7. The Butterfly
  • 8. (Find Yourself) a Fine Companion
  • 9. D'aurenga

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