Free Throw Those Days Are Gone

Release date:
May 17, 2024
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After four albums and a decade of hard work, including countless performances worldwide, the members - Cory Castro, Lawrence Warner, Justin Castro, Jake Hughes, and Kevin Garcia - have a fresh perspective on life. The band is through obsessing over what comes next and romanticizing the moments that have already passed. Instead, Free Throw is making music about the present and how seeking balance in our lives is far more meaningful work than the endless pursuit of whatever you deem to be 'enough.'Those Days Are Gone was the band's debut, and still most popular, album. Out of press for years, the title is now back in steady rotation.

  • 1. Such Luck
  • 2. Two Beers in
  • 3. Good Job, Champ
  • 4. Tongue Tied
  • 5. Pallet Town
  • 6. An Hour Pissed
  • 7. Kim Tastie
  • 8. How I Got My Shrunken Head
  • 9. Let's Get Invisible
  • 10. What Day Is It, October?
  • 11. Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed the Donuts

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