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Free The Robots - Kaduwa

Free The Robots


Release date: March 24, 2023
Free The Robots intentionally marries various electronica genres into a joyous, machine-like syrup that swims between the currents of deep introspection and the depths of the dance floor. 'Kaduwa' is his most recent manifestation, born out of his travels around the world. Especially inspired by his time between Los Angeles, Barcelona, and the island Siargao in the Philippines, Free The Robots translates his experiences into electronic, jazz-centric and sample based beats with sublime tinges of psych, rock, house, and hip-hop. For the most part, these compositions are blunted, funky, and psychedelic. There are tracks for club nights, tunes for early morning comedowns, and songs that are suitable for both. Once more adding new ripples to his sound, Free The Robots continues to explore new frontiers while keeping the torch burning for the L.A. beat freaks.
  • 1. Machine Language
  • 2. Welcome to Los Angeles
  • 3. Spaceways (FT. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
  • 4. Outta Sight
  • 5. Aswang
  • 6. Kaduwa (FT. Teebs)
  • 7. Far Away (FT. Chhom Nimol)
  • 8. Listen Up
  • 9. Flowers (FT. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
  • 10. Fangoria (FT. Rsi & Joey Viasuso)
  • 11. Daku (432 HZ)
  • 12. Distance (FT. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
  • 13. Codex (FT. MRR)
  • 14. Lucid (FT. Phil Nisco)
  • 15. Drifter (FT. the Nois IV)
  • 16. Brighter Than a Planet or a Star
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