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Fredfades & Sraw - Double Density

Fredfades & Sraw

Double Density

Release date: March 24, 2023
SP-1200 beats made using postal service. Fredfades and Sraw collaborate through post, exchanging dusty beats for an experimental Hip Hop record. The process of sending floppy discs back and forth, where each producer added element over element on their own SP-1200, has been on-going for almost 10 years, slowly building a collaborative body of work. The result is Double Density, an LP that oozes with the character of that infamous instrument which laid much of the foundation for the earliest Hip Hop artists and still manages to evoke those raw and visceral sounds of that era. Reinforcing those sounds are the voices of Planet Asia, Pink Siifu and Blue November, who deliver lyrics from US coasts to Scandanavia's fjords. The duo's collaborative effort swims in a sea of eclectic influences where Jazz, Soul and Hip-Hop thrive in the construct of this unique instrument. The drum machine pops, crackles and hisses on a bed of big bass lines through 12 tracks that go from short instrumentals to fully arranged songs. Taking Hip-Hop back to it's origins, everything is stripped bare to it's essentials and for every vocal track, there's it's antithesis in the form of an instrumental break. It's a record that plays with the archetypes of Hip Hop and Rap as something that we've lost over the years that begs for revocation. Double Density sounds exotic in the world of today's gleaming beats.
  • 1. Double Density
  • 2. Smoggy
  • 3. Playing with Time
  • 4. Mobbin' for a Hobby (FT. Planet Asia & Waz)
  • 5. Closer
  • 6. Trapped (FT. Pink Siifu)
  • 7. Intermezzo
  • 8. 2Night
  • 9. Rings Around Saturn
  • 10. The Maxi-Single (FT. Planet Asia)
  • 11. Omnichord
  • 12. Spark Lah (FT. Blue November)
  • 13. Outro
  • 14. Trapped Instrumental
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