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Franks & Deans -Surfin' Turf

Franks & Deans

Surfin' Turf

Release date: July 12, 2019
Here's the new album by your older brother's second favorite punk rock tribute group, and it includes someone else's older hit; Too Drunk To F@#k. It's a new kind of sound for Franks & Deans. All the things you've heard until now have had that mediocre mashup beat - the style that made these portly, middle aged performers just about the biggest thing that's ever happened to your neighborhood dive bar on a Friday night. Surfin' Turf is entirely different. It's a treble filled record, and if you haven't already heard the guys do it, consider yourself lucky. This sad, cash grab, straight-to-cutout album is speeding headlong into obscurity and unsurprisingly, it has made zero friends for the boys. Ah, but for the old friends of Franks & Deans there is plenty of that tired ol' mashup beat too! There's even a lame tribute to NOFX, played far from there style on Creeping Out Sara. SquidHat Records, tired and obsolete in their own right, wishes to express special thanks, and sincere condolences to cowboy Deke Dickerson for producing what we consider to be the most unsuccessful Franks & Deans album to date. We're very sorry that this sticky, foul smelling smudge will forever stain your legacy.
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12 July 2019 / More records