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Franco Micalizzi -Hold Up Istantanea Di Una Rapina

Franco Micalizzi

Hold Up Istantanea Di Una Rapina

Release date: August 10, 2018
Label: Spettro
Format: LP Album
Limited yellow vinyl LP pressing. When you think about Italian crime movies, one of the first names to get to your mind is probably Franco Micalizzi, great minds behind terrific and unforgettable works like Napoli violenta and Italia a mano armata. Through all is carrier, nonetheless, there's room also for some less known, but still mentionable works. One of them is Hold Up, made up of dizzying escapes, funky breakbeat and some less frantic episode.
  • 1.Titoli
  • 2.M36/M38/M6/M37/M9
  • 3.M31/M27/M35/M3
  • 4.M13/M14/M8
  • 5.M26/M7/M5/M16
  • 6.Hold Up (Versione Disco)
  • 7.M40
  • 8.M22
  • 9.M32
  • 10.No. 3 (Versione Disco)
  • 11.M40 (Versione Spagnola)
  • 12.M19/M4
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10 August 2018 / More records