Fox Academy Joseph's Deli & Lottery

Release date:
October 20, 2023
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Joseph's deli & lottery is an album about a place we've never entered, but instead dream of what it's like inside. After an extensive break from recording new music we spent a day filming in a new PNW town to reconnect. Over the course of the day we gradually rediscovered the pulse of the band's collaboration. Finding beauty, humor and intrigue in every moment led us into nightfall as we followed an orange glowing light in the distance. The sacred ritual of following the light in the dark felt bittersweet and deeply metaphoric. When we arrived at the destination, rather than walking in we decided to fuel that feeling into a new album. Drifting between the subtle comfort and acceptance of being in the darkness mixed with moments of emerging into the light, the album tends to sway back and forth in many aspects. Never lost is Fox Academy's classic appreciation of love, beauty, stores, food, halloween, brands, corporations, and professional sports. With a swirling mix of new and old for t

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