Fotocopia Fotocopia

Release date:
December 29, 2023
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You don't know yet but you're about to discover one of Europe's unearthed diamonds: this is the shape of the industrial to come, where punk, noise, ebm and rave meet.Minimalistic but full of detail and big dynamics with songs that take you on a journey, there's not a single second wasted on his first 12". From energy blasts like "De Internet se sale" or "Disforia" to the dystopic and dissonant synth pop gem of "Parking Tanatorio", through the EBM punk of "Foto de un Caballo" or "Captcha" which was debuted at Tresor at peak time and made everyone instantly scream their lungs out!BTW If he's coming to play in your town don't miss it, it's one of the best live shows we have seen the last few yearsFFO: Fasenuova, Schwefelgelb, DAF, L.F.T, Giant Swan

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