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For Against -90S Reissues

For Against

90S Reissues (3xLP)

Release date: January 11, 2019
Label: Saint Marie
Format: LP Album, Box Set
Limited edition vinyl LP box set includes digital download. It was surprising-gratifying last decade, when Lincoln, Nebraska stalwarts For Against finally garnered the cult popularity they'd long deserved-at least in Europe, where generous, rapturous crowds hailed them as "darkwave" pioneers. Back home, though, it took this era's shoegaze explosion/revival to bring them equal underground acclaim, accelerated by Captured Tracks' 2014 Box Set, compiling their two LPs and EP, 1987-1989. It even received a 7.8 in Pitchfork, suggesting, "If they had gained a tenth of the attention Interpol attracted, it would have been a wonderful world!" That richly deserved, delayed recognition is bound to heighten with these reissues of their three '90s records.
  • 1.Don't Do Me Any Favors
  • 2.Breathless
  • 3.Nightmare Life
  • 4.Spent
  • 5.Mind Framed
  • 6.I Wish
  • 7.Unspeakable
  • 8.Over Nepal
  • 9.You Only Live Twice
  • 10.Today Today
  • 11.Memorial
  • 12.Seesick
  • 13.Vacuum
  • 14.Crossed
  • 15.Tagalong
  • 16.Hindsight
  • 17.Coursing
  • 18.Vista
  • 19.Infamous
  • 20.Reinventing the Wheel
  • 21.Mirage
  • 22.Blow
  • 23.Shadow
  • 24.Wintersong
  • 25.Starblind
  • 26.Lost
  • 27.Profile
  • 28.Lilacs
  • 29.Harbor
  • 30.Forever
  • 31.Times Square Go-Go Boy
  • 32.Seascape
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11 January 2019 / More records