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Foodman - Yasuragi Land


Yasuragi Land

Release date: December 10, 2021
Foodman is Takahide Higuchi, from Nagoya, in central Japan. 'Yasuragi Land' is his first release for Hyperdub, alive with Footwork-inspired musical freedom and the sense that everything is a rhythm. 'Yasuragi Land' is breezy and refined; hyper-rhythmic music, made with a few simple tools, dances around your head. 'Yasuragi' and 'Parking Area' feel like gently deconstructed acoustic jazz, while 'Ari Ari' is deep house splattered with a cartoonish hiccup. 'Hoshikzu Tenboudai' and 'Shiboritate' bounce around the speakers like trance-inducing polyrhythmic updates of the New York minimalists. 'Food Court' is busy with mechanical rhythm and naive melodies, 'Gallery Café' pairs a cute wooden flute melody with micro edited wooden drums, 'Michi No Eki' is like a digital take on Magma's complex rock, and 'Sanbashi' indirectly approximates 80s R&B. The album finishes with 'Misyuku', its treated guitar lick sounding like it was stolen from Daft Punk, woven into dense interlacing drums. A1. Omiyage A2. Yasuragi A3. Michi No Eki ft Taigen Kawabe A4. Ari Ari A5. Shiboritate A6. Hoshikuzu Tenboudai A7. Shikaku No Sekai B1. Food Court B2. Gallery Café B3. Numachi B4. Parking Area B5. Iriguchi B6. Aji Fly B7. Sanbashi ft Cotto Center B8. Minsyuku
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10 December 2021 / More records