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Flying Lotus -Flamagra

Flying Lotus

Flamagra (2xLP)

Release date: May 29, 2020
Label: Warp Records
Celebrating a year since the release of Flamagra, Flying Lotus presents Flamagra (Instrumentals). This album shines a spotlight on the psychedelic deep soul arrangements and master musicians that helped shape the album. It brings Stephen Ellison, Stephen Bruner, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Brandon Coleman, Justin Brown, Dennis Hamm, Taylor Graves, Syunsuke Ono, Ronald Bruner, Herbie Hancock, Deantoni Parks and Robert Glasper to the foreground in an intimate and transcendent listening experience for fans.
  • 1.Heroes
  • 2.Post Requisite
  • 3.Heroes In A Half Shell
  • 4.More (Instrumental)
  • 5.Capillaries
  • 6.Burning Down The House (Instrumental)
  • 7.Spontaneous (Instrumental)
  • 8.Takashi
  • 9.Pilgrim Side Eye
  • 10.All Spies
  • 11.Yellow Belly (Instrumental
  • 12.Black Balloons Reprise (Instrumental)
  • 13.Fire Is Coming (Instrumental)
  • 14.Inside Your Home
  • 15.Actually Virtual (Instrumental)
  • 16.Andromeda
  • 17.Remind U
  • 18.Say Something
  • 19.Debbie Is Depressed
  • 20.Find Your Own Way Home
  • 21.The Climb (Instrumental)
  • 22.Pygmy
  • 23.9 Carrots (Instrumental)
  • 24.FF4
  • 25.Land Of Honey (Instrumental)
  • 26.Thank U Malcolm
  • 27.Hot Oct.
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