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Flume -Hi This Is Flume Mixtape


Hi This Is Flume Mixtape

Release date: September 06, 2019
Format: Colored Vinyl
Limited 180gm white vinyl LP pressing. The alias of electronic musician and producer Harley Edwards Streten, Flume makes atmospheric dance music inspired by house and U.K. garage. Recruiting collaborators from across genres, he rose up the mainstage ranks with his 2012 debut and his Grammy-winning 2016 sophomore effort Skin. Flume made his long-awaited return in the form of a 38 minute mixtape; showcasing Flume's talents as a pioneering electronic producer, one admired for exploring and melding complex sounds and making them sound like they've always existed. It's accompanied by a striking visualiser directed by Harley's friend and collaborator, Jonathan Zawada. The 17 mixed audio components included in this release are hypnotizing and compelling.
  • 1.Hi This Is Flume
  • 2.Ecdysis
  • 3.High Beams
  • 4.Jewel
  • 5.╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌╫§╜φ°⌂▌
  • 6.Dreamtime
  • 7.Is It Cold In The Water? (Flume & Eprom Remix)
  • 8.How To Build A Relationship [Explicit]
  • 9.Wormhole
  • 10.Voices
  • 11.MUD
  • 12.Upgrade
  • 13.71m3
  • 14.Vitality
  • 15.Daze 22.00
  • 16.Amber
  • 17.Spring
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06 September 2019 / More records