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Floorplan - Supernatural


Supernatural (2xLP)

Release date: November 22, 2019
Label: K7
Format: Double Vinyl
With roots in the Detroit techno scene in which Hood first emerged, Floorplan's sound is embellished with the heartfelt emotions and unbridled passions of Chicago house music. It is heavy and analogue and filled with vigour thanks to the expert drum programming and ever rising sense of euphoria that comes from the well sculpted synths. But it also speaks to the heart and soul and has done since first standout cut 'We Magnify His Name.' The pair's endless quest for the perfect groove continued through albums like 2013's Paradise - which spawned anthemic singles like 'Let's Ride, 'Baby Baby' and the massive 'Never Grow Old' - and 2016's Victorious. Another new album is due on Aus Music in winter 2019 and once again distills the power of techno and feelings of house music with a certain sense of studio magic that emerges when this iconic father-daughter duo come together. It is rare to make music as stripped back yet emotionally enriched as Floorplan, but this pair do it with ease and a firm focus on durable grooves. Functional but full of form, tense but atmospheric, loopy but ever evolving, Floorplan truly transcend the dance music spectrum.
  • 1. There Was A Time(Disc 1)
  • 2. Dance Floor(Disc 1)
  • 3. Oasis(Disc 1)
  • 4. Brothers & Sisters(Disc 1)
  • 5. Co Co(Disc 2)
  • 6. Song Like This !(Disc 2)
  • 7. I Try(Disc 2)
  • 8. Generations From Now(Disc 2)
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22 November 2019 / More records