Flight Mode The Three Times

Release date:
February 2, 2024
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The Three Times collects the first three EPs from Oslo, Norway's Flight Mode. Led by singer/songwriter Sjur Lyseid, each EP contains four songs referencing a year and place in Lyseid's life. It's a coming-of-age novel across an emo/punk rock trilogy of EPs. From youthful exuberance (TX, '98) to jaded indifference (Torshov, '05) to the overwhelming realities of life (Tøyen, ‘13)... Flight Mode presents twelve songs and The Three Times. 1. Sixteen 2. Fossil Fuel 3. Animals 4. Go 5. Twentyfour 6. Blinks 7. Togetherness 8. Dö Yoü Rëmëmbër 9. Thirtysomething 10. Hyperventilate 11. Surprised at All 12. My Brothers & My Sister at the Funeral

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