Fleck E.s.c. Shelters

Release date:
July 2, 2021
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Fleck E.S.C. (electro space cookie) is a French-born, Tokyo-based producer who's released on CPU and received praise from the likes of Jensen Interceptor, Dave Clarke, Laurent Garnier, and Helena Hauff. This record takes cues from several sci-fi soundtracks, and taps into Fleck's wider thoughts on cinema. After having studied film and worked in movie production for several years, he believes that movies need to be a kind of fairy tale-usually a poisonous one. Likewise, u(r)blue003 delivers a capacious blend of textures-at times delicate and expansive (e.g. 'Shelters', 'Skins & Scales'), at others assertive and grinding (e.g. 'KVFM, 'Roundup'). Together, this strikes a balance between deep club cuts and listening session tracks. Thanks to the mastering of Aphex Twin-collaborator Beau Thomas, these textures really stand out. Listen loud!

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