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Flat Worms Witness Marks

Release date:
September 22, 2023
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Hitting flat and hard with their bass-drums-guitar and vocals alignment, Flat Worms use a buzzing combo of blunt force and surreal lyrics to hammer the absurdity of the status quo, as it deserves. Our social experiment continues to implode before our eyes; Witness Marks offers both critique and compassion, with songs that corkscrew through shades of exhilarating, dizzying and ambiguous spaces in between times of crisis and complacency. 1. Sigalert 2. SSRT 3. Time Warp in Exile 4. Suburban Swans 5. Orion’s Belt 6. Gotta Know 7. Sick of My Face 8. 16 Days 9. Wolves in Phase 10. See You at the Show 11. Witness Marks

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