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Five Finger Death Punch - The Way Of The Fist

Five Finger Death Punch

The Way Of The Fist

Release date: September 20, 2019
Label: Prospect Park
On it's 2007 debut album, Five Finger Death Punch drags Heavy Metal, kicking and screaming, into a new era. Incorporating all we know and love about the old-school - the guitar solos, attention to songwriting detail, heavy vocals - with new-school melodic vocals and time changes, the band bridges the gap in grand style and at full speed ahead. The vinyl reissue ishoused in a gatefold sleeve and includes the 5FDP classic, "The Bleeding."
  • 1. Ashes
  • 2. The Way of the Fist
  • 3. Salvation
  • 4. The Bleeding
  • 5. A Place to Die
  • 6. The Devil's Own
  • 7. White Knuckles
  • 8. Never Enough
  • 9. Stranger Than Fiction
  • 10. Can't Heal You
  • 11. Death Before Dishonour
  • 12. Meet the Monster
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20 September 2019 / More records