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November 3, 2023
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With DJ KENSEI and GoRo the Vibratian at the center, Final Drop will release a miraculous new work 'Mimyo' after 20 years!A coincidence of inevitability or a coincidental inevitability?From Yakushima Island. After twenty years and beyond time. A message unleashed from Mother Nature. DJ KENSEI, one of the most respected DJs/artists in Japan, along with GoRo the Vibratian, a versatile Japanese musician known for his distinctive performance of ethnic musical instruments using didgeridoo, kalimba, mouth harp, flute, handpan, and percussions, Kaoru Inoue also known as Chari Chari, a DJ and a music producer who has enthusiastic fans around the world for his organic electronic sounds, and KND, an electronic musician/producer/sound engineer and member of SOFT, one of the most iconic bands in the Kyoto underground music scene, have released an album 'elements' under an artist name 'Final Drop' in 2003. The album caught ears of many heavy music lovers (music heads) and was reputed as one of the most striking albums of the early 2000's embodying beautiful nature sounds of Yakushima Island mixed with bass guitar, acoustic guitar, percussions, didgeridoo, kalimba, and electronic sounds using sequencer samplers and bass synthesizers. In January 2023, DJ KENSEI and GoRo the Vibratian met for the first time in two decades and talked about how 'Final Drop' and it's 1st album elements were important at the time, and discussed and decided to create a new album of Final Drop for the first time after twenty years. Taking time out from a tight schedule, KENSEI and GoRo have re-listened to the vast archive of sound materials (DAT tapes) recorded during a field recording trip to Yakushima Island in 2002, converted them into data, edited, re-constructed, and re-touched them, and then, have gone through further sessions to create new songs. The result is a soundscape very unique to Final Drop's 1st album 'elements', and yet an even more pure sound approach was adopted during the music production which led to capture the beauty and mystique of nature sounds into their new album. The whole music production process, from editing to re-constructing, re-touching, mixing and mastering was just natural.

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