Ferrett Glamdemic

Release date:
April 26, 2024
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Drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll- but don't tell Jen! Get the Heavy Metal Party Started - Ferrett are back!!! Ferrett is High Energy, Mammoth-Fun, Sex-Fueled Hard Rock-n-Roll !!! Exuding prowess in song writing, expect nothing less than sleazy classics comparable to 80's metal masterpieces such as Guns'n'Roses "You're crazy" or Dokken's "Bullets to Spare". Don't allow a 'glam' tag to deter listening- Ferrett delivers True Rock and Rolling Heavy Metal ala L.A.'s Decade of Decadence with a New York twist. Whether taking down Seattle grunge and commanding Heavy Metal until you die, or Thrashing their Horror-Movie based standards Ferrett deliver an album filled with anthemic hit after Mega-hit! Ferrett sharks their way further into the upper echelons of hard rock and heavy metal! With Hard-Rocking Hits like "Don't Tell Jen" to the anthemic title track "Glamdemic" and "Let It All Hang Out", the classic Metal banger's "House of the Holy" and "Drinking Beers" or the Horror-Movie themed monster "Farmer Vincent's Fritters", "Glamdemic" plays the field, leaving no women untouched and no 80's Hard Rock cliché intact! And don't forget the awesome 80's Glam tinged radio ballad "It's Not Hard to Let Go" which will flash you back to your favorite 1980's strip club and MTV Headbanger's Ball video! Glamdemic is an album chocked-full of fist banging, sex-and-drug fueled hard-rocking anthemic Heavy Metal Hits!Pounding beers, Smoking grass, Blasting lines & Getting ass!

  • 1. Let It All Hang Out (On a Saturday Night)
  • 2. Don't Tell Jen
  • 3. Glamdemic
  • 4. Hat Trick
  • 5. It's Not Hard to Let Go
  • 6. Drinking Beers
  • 7. Amateur Night
  • 8. Amber Alert
  • 9. Farmer Vincent's Fritters
  • 10. House of the Holy (Food for the Gods)

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