Federico Ughi - Transoceanico

Federico Ughi


Release date: March 25, 2019
Label: 577 Records
'Federico Ughi, New York drummer, improviser and producer releases a new studio recording to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of his very first album, recorded when he resided in London, UK. The theme of the album is Ughis experience of home, and how it has evolved, living between Brooklyn, New York, his native Rome, Italy and all the places in the world he has passed through while touring. Its Ughis deeply personal meditation on all the incredible things hes gotten from traveling to so many places, intertwined with the melancholy of never being able to feel like he entirely belongs to any one of them.The album features British saxophonist Rachel Musson, one of the most prominent voices in improvised music in the UK and Europe. Combining the timbral savvy of Tony Oxley with the controlled power of Rashied Ali - All About JazzWhatever your particular tastes, you need to hear what Ughi and his band are doing - Rolling Stones Hank Shteamer'

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25 March 2019 / More records