Farsoth Morbid Symphonies

Release date:
April 5, 2024
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Farsoth's second album Morbid Symphonies is simply 10 death metal songs done with the passion for music and the genre. As always Farsoth aims to make songs that will make you headbang, join a mosh pit and chug a beer or two. If you are looking for music that will make you do the reptile dance, look no further. For fans of Bloodbath, Dismember and Unleashed.

  • 1. Hate
  • 2. Nothingness
  • 3. Infernal Bondage
  • 4. Morbid Symphony
  • 5. Bound to Death
  • 6. Afterlife
  • 7. Provoke Me
  • 8. Your Death
  • 9. Rotten Flesh Stew
  • 10. World Beyond

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