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 False - Portent



Release date: November 15, 2019
Label: Gilead Media
Syle: Metal
False return with the most pivotal record of their career, Portent. A redefining of the extreme underground, Portent sees the band harness their shared experiences of pain and loss, and use that energy to create a truly monumental album for American Black Metal that is expansive, wholly engrossing, daring, and above all, honest and genuine. 4 tracks span the width and scope of the band's approach to the genre. The defining trait of the band reveals itself from the onset; the urgency in Portent is palpable. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recording Produced by False and Adam Tucker
  • 1. A Victual to Our Dead Selves
  • 2. Rime on the Song of Returning
  • 3. The Serpent Sting, The Smell of Goat
  • 4. Postlude
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15 November 2019 / More records