Fairport Convention Unhalfbricking (Deluxe)

Release date:
June 2, 2023
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Limited Edition LP. Deluxe 180-Gram Reissue. Including Original Artwork & Credits. This is the third album by the British folk rock band Fairport Convention and their second LP released in 1969. The album contains several Bob Dylan songs that were still unknown during that period. It also features what is arguably Sandy Denny's most notable achievement as a songwriter with the song "Who Knows Where the Time Goes?" (later covered by such stars as Mary Black, Eva Cassidy, Judy Collins, Nina Simone, among many others). The only traditional song on the album, "A Sailor's Life", is considered pivotal in the development of English folk rock music. The album also gave the band their first UK chart success, reaching #12 in the UK album chart (the second highest position in the band's career), while the single release, "Si tu dois partir", climbed to #21 in the UK singles chart. Other highlights include Sandy Denny's "Autopsy" and "Percy's Song", which features vocals by Iain Matthews. Unhalfbricking received a 5-star review in AllMusic, with Richie Unterberger describing it as "a transitional album for the young Fairport Convention, in which the group shed it's closest ties to it's American folk-rock influences and started to edge toward a more traditional British folk-slanted sound". 180-gram VIRGIN VINYL LIMITED EDITION.

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